Engineering Services

Having adequate flying experience we have set up our own maintenance facilitity at Hyderabad and obtained approval under CAR-145 maintenance organization requirement vide DGCA letter no -F/HYD/TAPL/1451 , dated 13-09-2011. Scope of Approval covers:

  • Cessna Citation CJ2 fitted with Williams FJ44-2C engines upto and including 1A/2C (300 hrs/24 months) and Check 2 (600 hrs.) engine inspection
  • Cessna Citation CJ1+ fitted with Williams FJ44-1AP engines up to and including 1A/2C (300 hrs/24 months) and Check 2 (600 hrs.) engine inspection
  • Robinson R44 II helicopter fitted with LYCO IO-540 AE1A5 engine up to and including 100hrs/annual inspection

With these approvals we can maintain CJ2/CJ1+ up to and including 1A/2C (300 hrs/24 months) and Check 2 (600 hrs) engine inspection but not including major maintenance check (4A/3C- 1200 hrs./36 months), and Robinson R44 II helicopter up to its overhaul limit (2200 hrs./10 years), however extension of scope of approval is under process.

Engineering Team

Turbo Aviation Pvt ltd is having highly efficient and skilled personnel who strive to perform to the highest levels of workmanship. Our Engineering team presently has AMEs who are endorsed on various aircraft like Cessna Citation CJ1+/CJ2/CJ2+/XLS, Beechcraft King Air B200/C90 series, Hawker 400XP , Gulfstream G200, Robinson R44 II helicopter etc.

Technicians: skilled manpower with over 3 years of experience in maintaining Robinson R44 raven II helicopter, Cessna citation CJ1+/CJ2 aircraft and other aircrafts.

Other Engineering Services

  • Turbo Aviation Pvt ltd has been carrying out several other programs for its aircraft like enrolment of engine under TAP, pro-part agreement for aircraft spares etc.
  • Turbo Aviation shall also assist in enrolment of above mentioned programs for customer aircraft on their request
  • Turbo aviation shall also aid in spare, components,consumables procurement on request of customers
  • Turbo Aviation Pvt ltd has a bonded store facility at Hyderabad with storage of over 400 component, spares, and consumables.
  • Turbo Aviation also has a provision of lending special tools of Cessna CJ2/CJ1+ aircraft and Robinson R 44 II helicopter on rental basis

Maintenance Quotation

Turbo Aviation Pvt ltd is endeavoured to provide the best quality maintenance to the customers.

Turbo Aviation quotation for maintenance of Cessna Citation CJ2/CJ1+

  • FMC – this will include maintenance up to 1A/1C (300 hrs/12 months) inspection of airframe and up to check 1 (300 hrs) of engine inspection. This FMC shall also include up to 4 man-hours which can be accumulated up to 3 months. Any unscheduled maintenance/snag rectification, compliance of SBs etc which is covered under 04 man-hours shall be included as part of FMC. The above quotation is negotiable meeting both the customer and Turbo aviation’s interests.
  • Details and break up of maintenance charges shall be mentioned while customer signs a maintenance agreement with Turbo Aviation Pvt Ltd.